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  • What We Do (and Don’t)

    We realize that most people don’t love the idea of coming to see a counselor, so we try to make the process as pleasant as possible. We start by always valuing your time–which means that we begin and end each session on time. A typical session is an hour long and during it, we will listen, suggest, teach, support, and yell at you. (Alright, we don’t actually yell at you…)

    This is technically referred to as “outpatient counseling” or “outpatient therapy” and we typically meet once a week or once every two weeks.

    We should note that we don’t provide evaluations of any kind, and we absolutely positively never, ever, appear in court, so if you have an ongoing custody dispute or you are fighting to get your disability approved–while we feel for you–we’re not the ones to help you.

    Also: we don’t write notes authorizing “therapy animals.” Puppies are taking our jobs!